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“I received my package on Monday. Everything looks great! As usual. Thank you! On a side note, I forgot what the sports jacket was going to look like. Wow..that really turned out great! You guys do wonderful work. I am very grateful that I had an opportunity to meet you & look forward to doing a lot more business with you!


- Joe Stocking


"I want to let you know that i received the two jackets I left with you to be altered and they were expertly done. I'm very happy with th work you did. Perhaps we'll meet up when you come to South Texas."


- Davis Rankin


"I received a suit today from Harry Malkani. Thank you very much! It was excellent as was his service."


- Tom Pace


"I am very satisfied with Larry's Original Custom Tailors. They are professional, polite, and extremely customer friendly. They are not satisfied unless the customer is 100% satisfied with their clothes.  Larry's has made two suits and three shirts for me. I tried them on once and only once. No need for alterations at all."


- Satisfied customer



"Amazing work and amazing custom service. He did the impossible and the best to make my dress look amazing. I am super happy. My dress was hard to work on, but the Larry's Original tailor surprised me by the EXCELLENT work. I will come back. Thank you!"


- Kristen Bimbaum


"Don't be scared of Larry's low-rent location. I've had eight dress shirts made here. They are hands down the finest shirts I've ever worn. They have done excellent alterations for me as well. I actually look forward to dressing up now."


- Mike Hanley


"5 Stars! The prices are reasonable, service is first class, and the quality is top notch. Harry and Ricky demonstrate an old fashioned style customer service in everything they do. They patiently sat with me and helped me select all the options I needed for my dress pants, dress shirts, sport coats, and suits. The work products is wonderful. I have used tailors all over the world and these are guys are truly wonderful. Their location in Houston is very modest and not designed to impress, but it does say we do our best to keep costs low and that is passed on to their customers. I have spent thousands of dollars with these guys and plan to continue. You will not regret your choice."


- Mark Odom


"Larry helped with picking out my fabric for the suit and gave a great price given that i needed it in a short amount of time. I will be returning to get more suits and shirts. The suit jacket fits better than anything prior to."


- NI S


Get perfect fitting clothes from out tailor!

Man on tuxedo 2010 BBB Gold Star Certificate

Harry once again you have done a wonderful job. Your suits are always an excellent fit. Your service and workmanship is the reason I drive 150 miles one way to have you and only you make my suits.


- Don Schuerman


"What a great treat. I spent a portion of my annual bonus on 14 custom shirts. What a gentleman and patient without being passive or shy. It is nice to work with people who display common sense and provide great customer service. The quality of the work has made me a convert and I am not sure if I will buy professional clothes off the rack ever again. It is the best feeling in the world to put on a crisp shirt that fits you like a glove. Not only do I feel good and look great, but the compliments keep coming. 5 foot 4 with a twenty inch neck and a 38 inch waist is not a size you find at the Galleria. Cannot believe how much I enjoy wearing a tie. Barney's of New York had a quote on their wall that you should always dress like you had somewhere better to be later. They must have been fitted and served by Larry's."


- Patrick Knapp


"I finally made it over to this business and I couldn't be more happy that I did! These guys are real professionals and they treat you like family. I'm so glad that I found them."


- Derek McFarlin